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Car dashboard showing aircon vents

Keep your car ice cool

Have you recently turned on your air con and it's had a bad smell or the air isn't really cold? Then perhaps your car needs a service or regas.

Bacteria builds up which causes the smell, which is why it may need a service.


We can service, repair and regas your air conditioning system, to find out how we can help you in more detail, contact us now.


Has your car suffered body damage?

If your car has come into contact with another vehicle or you've had a bump somewhere, our staff at Woodhouse Garage can help. We can deal with all kinds of car body repairs. For more information, visit the Car Body Repairs page or contact us now.

Affordable car air conditioning

in Leeds (LS6) from Woodhouse Garage.

For the latest and most affordable options for car air conditioning

in Leeds, call our garage now on

0113 245 6314

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